Connect neighbors and assist in the formation of neighborhood watches, attend pertinent APD meetings and workshops, and educate residents on crime prevention. Stay abreast of crime issues relating to neighborhood.
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Community Park
Works to ensure the neighborhood park project stays on track.

Social Activities
Organizes social events to bring neighbors together.

Communications / Social Media
Handles day-to-day communication with residents through social media and e-mail, takes the lead on the association newsletter.

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What's the Difference Between a Neighborhood Association and a Homeowners Association?

Neighborhood Associations are voluntary organizations comprised of residents who work together to improve and maintain the quality of life in their neighborhood. Neighborhood associations can form out of concern over a particular issue or as a means of enhancing a sense of community.


  • Membership is open to all property owners, residents and businesses in the neighborhood
  • Participation is optional
  • Boundaries are established by the association
  • Dues are voluntary
  • There is no legal authority to enact or enforce maintenance or design requirements beyond those established by City or County ordinances
  • To ensure a visibly democratic process, the association establishes formal or informal by-laws to provide for at least one general membership meeting per year and to require an annual election of officers

Homeowner Associations are formal, legal entities created to maintain common areas and enforce private deed restrictions. Most condominium and townhouse developments, along with some single-family subdivisions have homeowner associations. These are usually created when the development is built.


  • Membership is mandatory for all property owners within the boundaries of the development
  • Members are usually charged mandatory dues
  • Have the legal authority to enact and enforce maintenance and design standards in addition to those established by City and County ordinances
  • Are corporations with formal by-laws
  • Have a governing board that is elected annually

From: What’s the Difference Between a Neighborhood Association and a Homeowner Association?
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