Current Statistics and Trends

Recent City-wide Burglary Crime Rates:

  • Residential increased by 5%
  • Auto decreased by 8%

Recent Foothills Area Command Burglary Rates:

  • Residential increased by 4%
  • Auto decreased by 4%
  • Vehicle Theft: a decrease of 0.5%

Auto Burglary Report CardsOfficers will be leaving Report Cards to warn citizens if they have left visible items in their vehicles.There is a trend for offenders now trying door handles; offenders are moving away from breaking vehicle windows for entry.

Battery Theft:  New trend that is occurring in large big-box retail parking lots. The offender is entering the vehicle via unlocked doors and releasing the hood; offender then steals the vehicle battery for recycle sale. Witnesses assume the vehicle belongs to the offender removing the battery

Sgt. John Sullivan
APD Burglary Unit

Our Beat

The Volterra/Juan Tabo Hills crime stats beat is 522.

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